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The Place of Yoga in Trauma Recovery

This is a half or full day workshop that teaches and demonstrates yoga’s application in trauma recovery. It is aimed at yoga teachers, counsellors and psychotherapists. The workshop explores:

  • The values and inner qualities that yoga cultivates and which underly trauma recovery;
  • Yoga’s conceptualisation of the Self and the importance of the mind body link;
  • The effects on the physical body of psychological trauma;
  • Specific anatomical functions of body; the breath, the autonomic and enteric nervous systems, the spine and its role in embodied well being;
  • How yoga fits with trauma informed psychotherapy models of recovery;
  • Trauma informed yoga classes and yoga therapy;
  • Working complementarily with yoga and psychotherapy, and,
  • Incidental yoga for non yoga teachers/therapists.

Throughout there are case examples presented and experiential opportunities for participants to explore the material.