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Yoga and Psychotherapy

Yoga is an ancient method of health and well being that takes into account the physical, mental, emotional and metaphysical aspects of human existence. Today yoga classes abound and people are using it for fitness, relaxation and to bring a sense of balance and meaning to life.
Yoga is a complete systemic mind/body therapy. It combines physical postures, breathing practices, various meditation techniques and guidance for daily living that promotes energy, focus and a calm mind. These practices can be easily adapted and integrated into one’s daily life. The use of yoga techniques does not mean a radical change of lifestyle nor require the adoption of a particular system of belief. It can be wonderful adjunctive tool in counselling for those interested.

I have practiced all aspects of yoga for over twenty years. In 2002 I undertook formal training in yoga teaching in in order to bring the benefits of yoga to the people I work with. For many years I taught yoga classes and workshops alongside my counselling practice. I found that in the therapy room many clients had an interest to incorporate some of the practices and ideas yoga into their therapy. For those who currently practice yoga in particular we may explore different yoga practices that will support the issues you are grappling with.

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