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Trauma Therapy

Trauma experiences are any life experiences where you were overwhelmed to the extent that you were left feeling powerless, helpless and without being able to control the situation in any way. Such experiences may be one off devastating events, eg an accident, a sudden and unexpected loss or, cumulative life experiences eg early life family difficulties, negative school experiences or ongoing bullying in the workplace, ongoing and undermining relationships.

Sometimes these cumulative traumas may not be evident. They can be subtle but still leave you with a sense that life is unsafe and has little meaning. These experiences may result in many painful changes to life; the reliving of the traumatic event(s) as if it is happening all over again, nightmares, anxiety and panic attacks, depression, sleeplessness, a feeling that you have lost the person you used to be or a pervasive feeling that life has no meaning or that you are not really living, but just surviving at an emotional level.
It is as if the trauma without sometimes being aware of it, has a life of its own and that it (at times) takes over your present.

Drawing on the work of many trauma therapists including Peter Levine, Judith Herman, John Wilson, Babette Rothschild and John Briere, amongst others, I have developed a safe and effective way to assist in the relief of such symptoms and the resolution of the trauma enabling people to reconnect to their lives and find meaning and purpose again.

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