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Sandplay Therapy

In the exploration of life’s challenges sandplay therapy, in a similar way to dream work, can bring refreshing insights to questions at hand. Play is how we learn and grow as children. It is essential in the healthy development of the child, physically, mentally and emotionally. Imagination, the creation of games and so on, allows the mind to weave solutions to problems and discover skills in dealing with life.

As adults we often get caught up in the functional demands of life and are left with little time for the imagination to inform our lives. In the same way a piece of art, music, poetry, a rock concert or sporting contest can affect us deeply, for those interested, so too can sandplay. What takes it further is the affective experience is then explored and a deep connection is made which allows personal growth to extend and deepen.

In sandplay, various symbols are selected and placed in the sand tray to create a picture or scene. When these symbols are explored through a facilitated process insight into specific life challenges or the working through of a painful experience can be revealed. Many clients when coming to sandplay for the first time are surprised by the depth of experience it brings.

Sandplay was developed by Dora Kalff, one of C G Jung’s students and has been taken up and expanded on by many therapists throughout the world. It is a therapy well researched and tested in its application. While it is not to everyone’s taste, for those interested it can be very worthwhile.

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