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The Eight Limbs of Yoga

Over 2000 years ago, the core instructions for yoga were documented in four concise chapters known as the Yoga Sutras. These teachings were drawn from the experience of yoga practitioners of the day and documented by the sage Patanjali.

The Sutras provide a systematic path of practice which assists in improving and maintaining the health of our bodies and minds. The sutras guide us to develop an aware relationship to ourselves and to others that sustains us as we face the challenges of life, allowing us to sit increasingly in a place of trust, harmony, peace and joy without having to turn our backs on the world.

The Eight Limbs of Yoga are a small part of the Sutras yet contain within them a comprehensive and practical guide about how to achieve the goal of yoga. While written long ago they are still very relevant and accessible to our modern lives. The sessions of the course are:

  1. Introduction to the Yoga Sutras
  2. Yamas: Qualities to cultivate in relation to self and others.
  3. Niyamas: Inner qualities to cultivate for personal living that enhance life and benefit our relationships.
  4. Asana: Explore the inner workings of yoga’s somatic practices that bring us into the truth of our bodies.
  5. Pranayama: Understand the inner workings of breath. awareness practices designed to resynchronise our individual rhythm with the primordial rhythm of the universe.
  6. Pratyahara: Explore internalising the senses by learning to let go of what is impermanent including objects, transient thoughts as we practice over a lifetime.

A One Day Retreat will bring together the experience of the 6 sessions and include the final three limbs:

  • Dharana: concentration of mind,
  • Dhyana: cultivating equanimity,
  • Samadhi: liberating ourselves to reach our highest potential).

The Retreat will have a focus on meditation approaches and self reflection.